At Lladner Business Solutions, we provide three types of service agreements. With deadly viruses and occasional lockups, the best route for you may be choosing one of our easy to understand agreements. This can help you and your company feel secure in knowing that we will be there to cater you whenever needed and allow you to gain access from a certified technician 24 hours a day. With technology constantly changing, we can ensure you that your investment will stay updated and will be running efficiently with absolutely no interruptions. These monthly visits might be the best option for you. Please choose from the following and also keep in mind that each agreement has extras on the bottom that is designed to make sure your business stays successful. Remember, we are here to find solutions for you.
Deluxe Plan

Note: Visits will vary depending on updates

  • 2 On Site visits per month
  • Site Visit Fee Included
  • Includes everything in the Standard Plan
  • Hardware Installs/Configuration (Parts Not Included)
  • 24/7 Telephone Support
  • Hardware Patches/Drivers Updates
  • Software Patch/Drivers Updates
  • Security Patch Updates
  • Next Day Visit (If problem is not resolved by phone/email)
  • Backups (Disaster Data Recovery)

Basic Plan

Note: Visits will vary depending on updates

  • Site Visit Fee Included
  • Temp and Internet Files Removal
  • De-fragmentation
  • Firewall/Security
  • Scan Disk for Errors
  • Anti-Virus Updates
  • Consultant

Standard Plan

Note: Visits will vary depending on updates

  • 2 On Site visits per month
  • Includes everything in the Basic PIan
  • Software Installs/Configuration (Application Not Included)
  • 24/7 Email Support
  • Remote (Troubleshooting)
  • Consultant

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